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Enforced disappearances

Notable reports and publications released by NGOs, governments or international organizations on enforced disappearance allegations in Turkey after 2016

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Abductions in Turkey Today

September 2020 - Johan Heymans, Turkey Tribunal

Available in: English

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Erdogan's Long Arms: Abductions in Turkey and Abroad

September 2020 - Advocates of Silenced Turkey (AST)

Available in: English


Turkey: Enforced Disappearances, Torture

April 2020 - Human Rights Watch (HRW)

Available in: English, French, Turkish


Joint monitoring report on the disappearance of seven individuals in 2019

February 2020 - Ankara Bar Association

Available in: English, Turkish


Turkey: Concerns for Disappeared Men Now in Police Custody

August 2019 - Human Rights Watch (HRW)

Available in: English, Turkish


Report on allegations of unlawful detainment by public officials after 2016

July 2019 - Rights Initiative Association

Available in: Turkish


Turkey's Authorities Tight-Lipped Amid Families' Quest to Find Missing Ones

July 2019 - Abdullah Ayasun

Available in: English


In Custody: Police Torture and Abductions in Turkey

October 2017 - Human Rights Watch (HRW)

Available in: English, Turkish


Enforced Disappearances in Turkey

June 2017 - Stockholm Center for Freedom (SCF)

Available in: English


Surge In Kidnappings of Purged Officials Recalls Dark 1990s

April 2017 - Abdullah Ayasun, The Globe Post

Available in: English


Report of the WGEID on its Mission to Turkey

July 2016 - UN Working Group on Enforced or Involuntary Disappearances

Available in: English

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