Who are we?


Solidarity with OTHERS is a non-governmental organization established in Brussels with the aim of defending and promoting human rights and freedoms in Turkey and elsewhere.


Our team consists of political exiles from Turkey such as lawyers, journalists and businesspeople as well as of local citizens who have joined in as founders, employees or volunteers.


Our name indicates our commitment to act in solidarity with anyone who has been exposed to injustice and violations in Turkey, regardless of race, religious beliefs, social affiliation or political views.


We firmly believe that we are only as human as we are able to stand up for the rights and liberties of OTHERS, and not just ourselves.


What do we do?


First and foremost, our work consists of ensuring that the ordeal of the victims of the crackdown in Turkey does not go unnoticed.


In order to do that, we organize, by ourselves or in cooperation with other NGOs, awareness-raising events such as exhibitions, demonstrations, roundtable and panel discussions aimed at reaching general public.


We also prepare and publish reports focusing on various human rights issues in Turkey, and transmit them to the press and relevant governmental and international bodies to take into consideration.


Last but not least, we maintain relations with EU governments, EU institutions such as the European Parliament and the European Commission and other international organizations such as the Council of Europe and the United Nations Office in Geneva, with a view to ensuring that the human rights violations remain a top priority on their agenda with the Turkish government.

Our Team