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New Event: ICPS 30 Brussels

Organized in partnership with Revistia, ICPS 30 - 30th International Conference "Populism Reloaded?" will be held in Brussels on February 24-25 both in-person and online. We provide online real-time oral presentation opportunity for all authors. There will be offline presentations on the Interactive Author Forum Platform with pre-recorded videos and slides as well. Contributions in economics, education, language, law, health, engineering, environment and multidisciplinary topics in relation with populism, will be presented at the conference and published in the proceedings book (ISBN) as well as (indexed) journal volumes.


  • Populism reloaded? Recent examples

  • A rising populism towards authoritarianism using democratic tools

  • Repositioning populism in the era of pandemics

  • Populist leaders and the economy

  • The impact of populism on Euro-Mediterranean Cooperation

  • Hybrid regimes that cohabitate with populism

  • Post-neoliberalism in Europe and the new reaction to populism

  • Human rights and populism

  • Impact of populism on diverse domains i.e. on medicine, industry, economics, literature, immigration etc.

We are glad to have participants from all over the world.

Click here to register.

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