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NEW REPORT | Arbitrary Detention: Turkey’s Never-Ending Plague

Solidarity with OTHERS has contributed to a joint NGO report that is being drafted for Turkey’s Universal Periodic Review (UPR), a human rights review mechanism organized by the UN office in Geneva.

Our contribution covered enforced disappearances and arbitrary detention. We have decided to publish the part about arbitrary detention as a separate report, for we believe that the far-reaching consequences of the problem warrants the special attention of everyone concerned with Turkey’s human rights record.

The report deals with the problem by focusing on the developments since Turkey’s latest UPR in January 2020. It covers the following issues:

  • Mass detention of people with ties to the Gülen movement

  • Mass detention of people involved in the Kurdish political movement

  • Imprisonment of people with significant health problems

  • Imprisonment of pregnant or post-partum women

  • Arbitrary denial of parole

The report aims to contribute to the awareness on arbitrary detention as the most devastating impact of the well-documented political control over the Turkish judiciary as well as the most significant human rights issue in today’s Turkey.

Download the report here.


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